The CATCH Story

CATCH grew as a result of parents who came together with shared experiences and a concern for children’s overall well-being.

CATCH believes that by understanding mental health and making it a priority for children, we can raise resilient, confident, and independent people, even in this complex world of stress and pressure.

CATCH is a 501(c)(3) providing support and educational programs for elementary, junior high, and high school students and families.

CATCH is based in Northbrook and welcomes anyone in the area. It is a group of engaged and dedicated parents who are making a difference for the children and families in our community.

Why did we create CATCH?

Watch this video and hear Executive Director Amy Obherholtzer explain what prompted her to gather a group of friends in her living room to start the conversation about mental health, how CATCH has grown, and what families are getting out of their CATCH experiences.

CATCH Resources

Do you want to hear from local mental health professionals on how to handle the pressures and stresses we are all facing? Wondering how other parents are managing? Check out the CATCH Resources including the CATCH Podcast: Parenting the Mental Health Generation, articles from the CATCH Journal, and videos with helpful information and advice on mental health.

CATCH Resources

Get to Know Us, Get Involved

Meet Our Board

We are volunteers who are passionate about mental health and helping others find support and resources for their entire family.


Let us know your interests, and we'll help you find the right role that works for you.

Community Engagement

With the help of our community partners, we are raising awareness about mental health and supporting one another.