Meet the CATCH Board

Members of the CATCH Board are parents of children ranging in age from toddler to young adult.  They know what it's like to raise children amidst all the stresses and pressures of life while prioritizing mental health and emotional wellness.  Collectively, they've taken advantage of countless resources across the North Shore and are thrilled to share their experiences, uncover new information, and collaborate to help others navigate the ups and downs of family life. 

Amy Oberholtzer

Executive Director/Founder

Amy founded CATCH after her own parenting journey led her to understand the critical importance of our children's mental health. She is proud that CATCH is able to provide education and support for area families and is especially pleased to partner with local schools to prioritize emotional well-being.

In 2021, Amy received a Peggy A. Montes Unsung Heroine Award from the Cook County Commission on Women's Issues for her commitment to building awareness around mental health and providing resources to parents and caregivers.

She has two adult children raised in Northbrook. Amy is deeply grateful to the board of CATCH for their friendship and tireless work.

Rachel Tzinberg


Rachel knows how hard it is for parents to see their children struggle, and she recognizes the value of finding resources and receiving support not just for our children but for ourselves as parents.

She got involved with CATCH to provide that help to others by guiding parents in taking the next right steps for their children and their family while helping parents feel less alone.

Rachel is the mother of two teenagers and works everyday to be (and stay) centered and focus on the positives of life.

She is grateful for her family and friends, laughter, firepits, and the opportunity to serve the community with a group of caring and thoughtful people.  

Julie Weinberg

Vice President

Julie discovered CATCH as the challenges of parenting increased, revealing her own mental health struggles.

She is grateful for all that she has learned about mental health and is thrilled that CATCH offers her the opportunity to share that information with others. 

While she loves the work of managing communications for CATCH, she also appreciates the support and friendship of her fellow board members. 

Julie has two children at Glenbrook North High School. 

She cares for her own mental health with regular exercise, walks with friends, finding balance in her life by setting limits, and petting her cats.

Jane Ciancanelli


As a life-long resident of Northbrook and a parent of three teens, Jane Ciancanelli knows first-hand the stress and anxiety that kids in our community experience as a result of school and social situations.

When one of her children struggled with anxiety during elementary school, Jane discovered the importance of mental health.

“The challenges we experienced made me a more aware and better parent. It allowed me and my family to learn coping skills and priorities when the kids were at a young age, and the consequences weren’t as severe,” she said.

Jane supports her own mental health by staying involved and connected with friends and family along with school, community, and church to feel productive and valuable.

She brings an education in finance and accounting along with years of work experience to her role as CATCH Treasurer.

She aims to make mental health the number one priority for kids and families in our community.

Donna Collins


Donna firmly believes everyone will need mental health support at some point in life, and joined the CATCH board to help parents recognize when their children are struggling and how to find resources.

She’s also passionate about mental resilience and serves as a powerful example of its importance as she moved from Australia to the U.S. with her husband and two elementary school-aged children in Spring 2022.

“I am determined to equip myself and my children with the skills to navigate the inevitable challenges that will arise as they grow up,” she said.

Donna has spent decades working on her own mental health, makes self-care a fundamental part of her life, and meditates daily.

Anne Neumann


Anne felt a strong connection to CATCH early on when she learned it offered a safe place for caregivers of young people struggling with mental health to gather and receive support from others on a similar journey.

She is proud that the work she is doing with CATCH is destigmatizing mental health locally and making it part of kitchen table conversations.

She especially enjoys creating CATCH educational resources including the Parenting the Mental Health Generation podcast and editing various video series.

Anne is the mother of three teens, two at Deerfield High School and one who graduated in 2021.

She’s grateful for her family and a community rich with resources to support young people who face mental health challenges.

Heather Cole


Heather joined the CATCH board in early 2021, but she was an integral part of early planning conversations when CATCH began and has always been a supporter.

As a trained clinical psychologist, Heather understands the importance of mental health.

She and her husband raised their three children in Northbrook, so she is very familiar with the community and schools.

Heather is committed to helping our children and families develop resiliency and coping skills in order to remain emotionally healthy through all life's challenges.

She is thrilled to work with CATCH and is proud to be its recording secretary! ​​​​​​​

Lisa Novak


When Lisa first heard about CATCH, she fell in love with the organization’s mission and knew right away that joining the board would fulfill her both professionally as a licensed clinical psychologist and personally as a parent.

She enjoys connecting families to information, resources, and tools they might not otherwise have and helping parents truly feel that they are not alone on their journey.

Lisa is the parent of two young boys. She is proud to raise her family in Northbrook and participate in the community's evolving understanding and support of mental health. 

She is grateful for family and friends, her meaningful work, laughter, sleep, and little kid snuggles.

Stacy Mautner


When Stacy discovered CATCH, she jumped right in as a volunteer, recognizing that the CATCH mission aligned exactly with her personal and professional goals of breaking the stigma and increasing awareness around mental health.

As an ADHD Coach and Advocate, she works with children and adults to facilitate personal growth, collaborate with the school system, and build the skills for a meaningful and rewarding life.

Stacy is passionate about providing comfort to those who are struggling by letting them know they are not alone and providing a safe place where parents and children can share their challenges and powerful experiences.

Stacy and her husband grew up in Northbrook and were thrilled to move back to their hometown and raise their two children in Northbrook School District 27.