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Do you want to hear from local mental health professionals on how to handle the pressures and stresses we are all facing?  Wondering how other parents are managing?  Check out the CATCH Resources including articles and videos with helpful information and advice on mental health. 

CATCH Journal

If you missed an event or want a review of the presentation, visit the CATCH Journal.  Along with summaries of our events, you'll also find articles with advice from local mental health professionals, and our essay series, In Real Life, where authors share their personal stories of what it's like to deal with mental illness. 


Learn from Experts

Are you looking for a quick answer to a big parenting question?  You can "Learn from Experts" in our ongoing video series featuring local mental health professionals offering advice and information on a variety of mental health topics.


In Real Life

In this essay series, CATCH offers a look at what's happening In Real Life with stories from parents in hopes others will find comfort and support in their experiences. 


CATCH Podcast

Parenting the Mental Health Generation

Join Amy O. (aka the mom) and Dr. Lisa (aka the psychologist) as they talk with mental health professionals and others about the topics that concern us as we navigate our parenting journeys and support our kids struggling with their emotional well-being.

This is the conversation you aren't having with your kid's doctors and teachers because time doesn't allow it. Or, with your friends, because they just don't get it. 


Real Talk: Essays from Real Life

Do you ever wonder if you're the only one struggling with bumps and pitfalls on a daily basis? Real Talk: Essays from Real Life are straight from CATCH's In Real Life online journal.

We're recording those heartfelt and honest stories from parents and others for those who'd rather listen than read. When you hear people share their most vulnerable moments, you'll know you are not alone.


CATCH Newsletter

Stay up to date on CATCH events, programs and original content with our monthly newsletter.  You'll be among the first to know about speakers, parent support opportunities, new Learn From Experts videos and more.


CATCH Playlists

Music can be a powerful tool on your mental health journey, helping manage stress and regulate mood. Enjoy these CATCH Spotify playlists designed to provide inspiration, strength, and relaxation.

Music for Our Souls

Let's Go Have a Day

GBN Mental Health Matters 2022

Looking for more resources?

Check out our Recommended Resources.

You don't  need to sort through the mountain of mental health websites, books, podcasts, and more.  We do the vetting for you!  We've spent years reading and listening and are always checking out what's new.  Find out what we've "reviewed and approved"!

Recommended Resources

Parents Connect

Parents Connect brings parents and caregivers together in small groups to talk about the challenges they face raising children with mental health struggles.

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