Chasing Childhood

Tuesday, October 24 @ 7pm
Northbrook United Methodist Church
1109 Western Ave.

Our relentless pursuit of perfection is hurting our children.

It is truly more important to prioritize their free play and independence.

Join us for a free screening & discussion moderated by Dr. Lisa Novak, Illuminate Psychological Assessments.

(Yes, we are showing this award-winning film again.  Those who saw it last spring want others to see it too.  Register and bring a friend!)

Social Conflict: Technology Takes it to a New Level

Tuesday, November 14 @ 12pm via Zoom

Why is today’s social landscape so tough for our kids?

Technology and social media play a huge role.

Join us and learn what’s truly impacting our children, how to respond when their big feelings take control, and what a parent can do to  empower a child in these intense moments.

Speaker: Dr. Sonya Sandhu, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, Plena Mind Center

Parents Connect

Join anytime!

Parents Connect brings parents and caregivers together in small groups to talk about the challenges they face raising children with mental health struggles.

When you care for yourself it gives you more bandwidth to care for others. 

Parents Connect provides the support you need for yourself and your family.


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